Maintain Working Discipline Performance with 7 Practical Tips

Discipline is the key to success. Likewise at work. Discipline is the biggest factor that can determine career progression. So it is very important owned by workers. Disciplined employees obey a set of company rules, tend to meet work expectations and have good relationships with colleagues and superiors. It’s not easy to maintain discipline at work. Especially when it comes to self-discipline. Like discipline to finish work, follow schedule, manage work time, stay focused and others.

Though many benefits can be obtained from implementing discipline. Both for personal and corporate success. Because discipline triggers productivity. Well, you want to be more disciplined in doing work? Here are seven practical ways to maintain work discipline that you can follow.

Make Daily Schedules and Targets

One way to build discipline is to adhere to a binding daily schedule. Set the time in the schedule to complete each task. When the time period is over, then you can do other work. If it’s not time yet, don’t open an email or surf the internet. Because unconsciously this can make work delayed. It’s best to schedule difficult tasks in advance. Don’t delay until later unless you are truly unmotivated. By doing the hard work first, then you don’t let it become a burden on the mind. Only then do you continue to more pleasant assignments. You will end the day with satisfaction in completing tasks.

In addition to making a schedule, you also need to write your daily goals or targets. By writing it down, you will know which work needs to be prioritized first. Make sure the targets you make are realistic and measurable in this way the work discipline you are doing is right. Then review the achievement of that goal at the end of the day every day.

Get rid of Distraction

Staying focused is one of the important things in maintaining work discipline. You can do this by getting rid of things that distract you from work. The cause can be different for each person. Some maintain focus by not opening e-mails, turning off mobile phones, closing room doors and others. You can note what makes it distracted. Later you will see patterns or categories that cause disturbances. If you already know it can help you decide how to avoid it.

Share Work

Sometimes a task at work can seem so overwhelming and overwhelming. It might even make you not know how to start. So the spirit has gone down before you do it.
For that you need to divide one large task into small tasks that can be done in the short term. Because by starting small, without feeling you will be able to complete all the work. You will be more enthusiastic every little task completed. So the more the spirit to continue the next task is one way to maintain work discipline that is effective enough to do.

Avoid Multitasking

Many people are proud of their multitasking abilities, which can do multiple jobs at once. Even so, you won’t focus on making it. Practice focusing on existing tasks so that you don’t get stressed out in the process. If you experience difficulties because of the usual multitasking, start by focusing on doing one thing in a short amount of time. For example in 10-15 minutes. Then gradually increase the time you allocate to make a job.

Do the tasks that you like

Self-discipline will be easier if you really enjoy what you are doing. Although in our work we cannot avoid various tasks and some of them must be disliked.
Even so, try to minimize the tasks that you think are not fun. Find at least a little interesting part of the task you are doing. If it’s still difficult, try to start working on a task that you enjoy first. In order for your work discipline motivation to stay awake from the start.

Don’t Demand Perfection

You must realize that perfection can hinder your efforts to be more disciplined. For example you decide not to take any action until the situation is fully ideal or one part of the project has been completed. Of course you will not walk in place. The most important thing to do is keep moving forward. Although that means doing the job just well enough, it isn’t really perfect. Later you can make improvements or revisions if there are deficiencies.

Give a Gift to Yourself

Even though work and time seem so stressful, but you still have to respect yourself every time you complete a task. You should not immediately move on to the next activity. But give appreciation to yourself every time you finish a task. You can do this by doing a massage at the spa, watching a movie in the cinema or enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant. This will motivate you to speed up the completion of the task.

Because self-discipline will be easier to maintain if you wait for something fun at the end of long working hours. Even if you have ended a large project, you can only apply for leave. With a break or a vacation then you can restore focus and discipline to work that began to fade because of fatigue.

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