What should be prepared before Starting the Interview

Today, we all must have often heard about the term from interview or interview. In understanding, interview or interview can be interpreted as a conversation carried out between two or more people, to achieve the goal in order to get information from the conversation. Usually, this conversation contains questions from the interviewer.
The questions raised by the interviewer cover what is stated in the application letter or work experience written by the applicant. So, as much as possible the application letter must be written honestly, considering that the interview is a form of proof or clarification of what is written in the job application letter.

In general, interviews or interviews are usually carried out by the company to find out how much potential and also the ability of prospective employees who want to work, in accordance with the desired field or job position. The scope of the purpose of the interview or interview certainly includes many things, ranging from exploring the skills of prospective employees, to find out how the work motivation of the prospective employee, and also to adjust the work ethics of prospective employees with the existing standardization in the interviewing company.

Later, the results of the interview or interview will certainly determine the fate of the applicant, whether he can be accepted or not in the company he is proposing. Therefore, as much as possible before starting the interview, we must be able to prepare ourselves as best we can. The problems that occur to those who are undergoing interviews are mostly due to nervousness or lack of confidence. Obviously it is a human problem, but that does not mean it can not be avoided. So, to avoid all bad things that happen both during the interview or after the interview, here are the things that must be prepared before starting the interview.
Interview Preparation

Practice answering Questions.

This is certainly the most standard thing to prepare for an interview. Because the contents of the interview or interview is a question. So, prepare as far as possible regarding this question and answer. The easiest way to practice this question and answer is to look for interview questions beforehand, whether it comes from close relatives who have been interviewed, the internet, or books on interview success tips.

If the company you want to register is a foreign company whose interview must be in English Furthermore, your job is just to practice, practice, and practice to get used to dealing with various interview questions later. Maturity and readiness in dealing with interview questions will certainly affect all aspects, ranging from confidence to flexibility in answering. So, do you want to be able to deal with job interviews well?Practice as early as possible while you can.

Practicing to Introduce Yourself

Usually, the interviewer sees how prepared we are for the interview from self-introduction. This is the main point that must be considered by all those who will interview work.
If in introducing themselves the applicant looks confident and does not hesitate, then the interviewer will be interested in continuing to dig deeper about the abilities of the applicant. However, if the applicant from the beginning introduces himself is doubtful and not confident, then it is clear, the interviewer will feel bored and no longer interested in digging deeper. Therefore, practicing the ability to introduce yourself must be a very important thing to do. The simplest way is to practice it in front of a mirror. By seeing ourselves talking and introducing ourselves in the mirror, we can see and correct lack of movement and eye contact.

Need examples of self-introduction for interviews?
On the internet and bookstores, there are many examples of self-introduction that can guide us to be confident in introducing ourselves during interviews. In addition, if the proposed company prioritizes applicants who can speak English, don’t worry. We have provided examples of introductions in English during the interview. So, there will be no more failure words for later interviews because of the introduction problem. The point is only one. Keep practicing and don’t give up.

Understand the Position You Want to Apply for

Usually, a job applicant is just careless in applying for a job, as long as they can get a job. In fact, that is clearly an inappropriate action considering that a company will only accept applicants who are truly in accordance with the qualifications of the company itself. Therefore, if you get a response for a job interview, as much as possible understand the position you want to take at the company. Although in the past you were just careless in registering, but as much as possible understand the position. This certainly will affect the interest of the interviewer which leads to the success of the interview. Which company is not interested in future employees who understand their position? Automatically, this understanding of the position to be applied would certainly be the main key that must be prepared before starting the interview.

Pay attention to how to dress.

Appearance is number one. Yes, in this case, of course the sentence above is something that is true and must be considered. Why is that? Yes because obviously, in the eyes of the interviewer, appearance is a reflection of personality. If there are job applicants who are dressed carelessly when job interviews, the interviewer will certainly immediately see that this applicant does not have a bad attitude. This will certainly have an impact on the results of the interview later. On the other hand, if there are well-dressed and formal job applicants, the interviewer will be happy to see that this applicant has a good attitude. Of course this way of dressing greatly influences the outcome of the job interview itself. Therefore, before the interview begins, it is better for you to pay attention to your appearance style first. If necessary, ask for advice from friends or relatives who have been interviewed by work. So, are you prepared enough before you start your job interview?

Watch Time

The most important thing that must be considered and prepared before starting the interview is of course Time. Right, never underestimate the time even though it’s only one minute. In the interview world, being even a minute late can be said to destroy our dream of working for the company we are applying for. Usually, job interviews apply a high level of discipline considering that they will be applied in the company later. So, how come people who are late in interviewing can be trusted to be disciplined when working later?

The interviewer will immediately cross out the names of job applicants who arrive late in the interview, for whatever reason. Isn’t that very detrimental? Isn’t that a deadly opportunity? There is no one who likes to wait. Also, no one can compromise on that. So, the thing that really needs to be prepared before starting a job interview is timeliness. It is better to wait long to be called than late and everything is over. Well, here are some things that must be prepared before starting a job interview. All may sound simple enough, but many prospective applicants underestimate it. Broadly speaking, we here can only remind and give the best advice for you so that you can prepare yourself for an interview well.